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Releasing the Dragon

An erotic romance with a paranormal twist…

Two souls destined to be one. An old enemy enraged. Will his love for her be enough to save her?

Shapeshifters, demons, vampires and sorcerers are all just part of the show at the Myths and Legends Casino Resort.

Or are they?

Serafina Leroux has always dreamed of becoming a professional dancer. When she responds to a mysterious invitation to the dance auditions at Myths and Legends she not only gets a shot at her dream job, she also meets a tall, dark, devastatingly handsome stranger whose every touch consumes her with desire.

Donovan Drake is the charismatic owner of Myths and Legends known around the world as Dragon. His roguish good looks make him one of the most sought after bachelors alive, but only one woman can satisfy his carnal needs and the beast that shares his soul.

When Dragon and Serafina come together their passion ignites and she is drawn into his world where myths and legends are very real and danger lurks around every corner.

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DestinedForTimeDestined for Time

An erotic romance with a paranormal twist…

One night of forbidden passion will never be forgotten – or forgiven.

Prophetic visions, conspiring enemies, and epic battles are nothing unusual at the Myths and Legends Casino Resort where dreams and nightmares come to life and nothing is outside the realm of possibilities.

Devin Delaney is the dangerously sexy head of security at Myths and Legends better known as Rook. Born a Guardian, destined to serve and protect the Dragon King, nothing has ever meant more to him than his duty to his charge.

Until she came along…

Angela Ruby is a dedicated police detective sent to investigate a string of unexplained murders behind Myths and Legends. While at the resort questioning staff members a bomb goes off and her world gets flipped upside down when she discovers the existence of a supernatural world hiding in plain sight.

When a moment of desperation leads to unforgettable passion Rook and Angela trigger a chain of events that threaten to destroy everything they hold dear, including each other.

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TemptingMagic3dTransparentTempting Magic

An Erotic romance with a paranormal twist…

When a twist of fate blurs the line between friends and lovers, passion sets their world ablaze as Solomon and Renee discover the true meaning of ecstasy.

Welcome one, welcome all to the nine hundred thirteenth annual tournament! Join the gang from Myths and Legends as they travel to Supernova for a week-long supernatural sporting event. Master swordsmen, elite marksmen and magical mazes are just a few of the things friends and foes will face as they battle in the arena.

Solomon Reynard is the man behind the magic at the Myths and Legends Casino Resort. Ranked as one of the best sorcerers alive, he is well known for his world famous stage shows and nearly impenetrable security wards, but his legendary sexual antics are perhaps his real claim to fame. Which served him well, until the recent discovery of his mate. With her identity still shrouded in magic, Solomon grows desperate until inspiration strikes and her face is finally revealed.

As his personal assistant and closest friend, Renee Jacobs swore long ago that she would never fall prey to Solomon’s seductive charms. She knew he would never be happy with just one woman, and she wasn’t willing to settle for anything less than monogamy. Yet even without physical intimacy, he found his way into her heart. When forces beyond her control threaten to force his hand, Renee makes a desperate decision that will change their lives forever.

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ANaughtyXmas3dTransparentA Naughty Christmas Eve

The McKenzie Chronicles are a series of short stories featuring Shawn McKenzie in his erotic adventures at Delilah’s Dark Desires.

In this first story we meet Shawn McKenzie, a rich playboy who feels right at home in a brothel named Delilah’s Dark Desires. It’s Christmas Eve and Shawn brought a gift that one lucky lady at this house of debauchery will have a chance to earn. But Shawn isn’t interested in how nice she’s been. He wants to know just how naughty she can be. When Ava meets his challenge Shawn learns the true meaning of pleasure as she fulfills his darkest desires.

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